LendingStandard Rolls Out New CRE SaaS Platform to All Clients

LendingStandard, Inc. Rolls Out New CRE SaaS Platform to All Clients Technology Streamlines Origination Across All CRE Loan Products  Platform Increases Processing Efficiency by up to 45 Percent  KANSAS CITY, KAN – Jan. 18, 2023 – – Commercial real estate (CRE) lenders now have a single platform to manage origination and underwriting across all their [...]

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Streamlined Lending Processes are on the Rise

You have to give them credit: Multifamily lenders are the MacGyvers of processing HUD and Fannie/Freddie loans. Remember MacGyver? In that popular 80s TV series, “MacGyver” was a highly resourceful problem-solver who used unassuming objects in creative ways to solve major problems. Much like MacGyver using a paper clip to diffuse a bomb, underwriters use [...]

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