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Andy Kallenbach is the Founder and CEO of LendingStandard.

Multifamilydebt.com Press Release

PRESS RELEASE January 30, 2020 Contact: Andy Kallenbach |andy@lendingstandard.com (816) 591-5277 For Immediate Release MultifamilyDebt.com to bring instant mortgage options to borrowers and investors Kansas City, Kansas – LendingStandard, the automated loan origination software (LOS) platform for the origination, underwriting and processing of complex multifamily financings, today [...]

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Streamlined Lending Processes are on the Rise

You have to give them credit: Multifamily lenders are the MacGyvers of processing HUD and Fannie/Freddie loans. Remember MacGyver? In that popular 80s TV series, “MacGyver” was a highly resourceful problem-solver who used unassuming objects in creative ways to solve major problems. Much like MacGyver using a paper clip to diffuse a bomb, underwriters use [...]

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The Path to Success Starts with Walking in Your Clients’ Shoes

When it comes to software, it’s no secret that the better you understand your client, the more effective your solution. And regardless of which industry or vertical you’re in, the ability to walk in your clients’ shoes to understand their needs and pain points is invaluable.  As Kaihan Krippendorff writes in Fast Company:  “Companies don’t grow just to grow. [...]

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