Maximize your investment in LendingStandard

Having the right team by your side during implementation makes all the difference in getting the most out of our platform. LendingStandard customer success teams offer support from their extensive expertise in the commercial lending industry and offer services tailored to your specific needs.

LendingStandard Service Offerings 

  • Multifamily lending platform implementation services
    • Get side-by-side coaching from our multifamily experts as they guide you through the steps to set up and customize your LendingStandard account. Ask questions, get training for your entire team and gain best practices and tips from the experts.
  • Customizable consumer-facing portal
    • Allow your clients access to a branded, customized portal, built by industry experts following best practices and lessons learned. Provide a better experience for all users through a collaboration between our teams.
  • Custom integrations with your CRM, prospecting tools and other third party services
    • Complete the full sales cycle and gain better visibility to won/lost ratios, improve lead conversion (through alerts and notifications) and streamline workflows with help from our multifamily lending sales experts and coaches.
  • Marketing and business consulting services tailored to generate demand
    • Enhance lead-generation efforts and gain greater traction in your respective markets with help and coaching from multifamily marketing experts, and services tailored to your specific business lines and target audiences.