Multifamily Lending for Banks, Credit Unions and Life Companies

It can be challenging to support the needs of your borrowers if you don’t have an expert in multifamily lending available at each of your branches. With the volume of information, documents and steps that play a part in the process, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

LendingStandard offers solutions to support your staff, making it easier for you to manage commercial loans across all branches and locations.

With LendingStandard:

  • Sizing data consistently transitions from initial pricing and underwriting to closing, with no duplicate entries
  • Quickly and easily transfer the working file from originators to underwriters
  • Stay up-to-date on critical activities with a real-time view of checklist updates from staff members and third parties
  • Efficiently upload, view and share documents on a single platform, reducing email and eliminating redundancies
  • Easily populate, organize and extract data entry updates to produce high-quality narrative documents and other required forms
  • Facilitate quicker loan committee approval
  • Size multiple loan types
  • Automate document completion
  • Easily track tasks and milestones with workflows
  • Access a holistic view of your entire loan portfolio