LendingStandard, Inc. Rolls Out New CRE SaaS Platform to All Clients

Technology Streamlines Origination Across All CRE Loan Products 

Platform Increases Processing Efficiency by up to 45 Percent 

KANSAS CITY, KAN – Jan. 18, 2023 – – Commercial real estate (CRE) lenders now have a single platform to manage origination and underwriting across all their products, a first-of-its-kind solution that modernizes the cumbersome loan process. The LendingStandard platform increases efficiencies by up to 45 percent for clients working with some of the most complex loans, including HUD (MAP & LEAN), Freddie & Fannie, Life Co., and On-Balance sheet. LendingStandard is an industry leader in CRE origination and underwriting, delivering SaaS-based lending solutions since 2015.

The latest version of the LendingStandard platform enables more efficient and accurate decision-making processes by giving clients access to a full suite of enhanced features that optimize the loan lifecycle, from origination to underwriting to closing. The new product, which can be scaled to meet any company’s needs, from start-ups to the largest enterprises, includes the following:

  • A new UI/UX designed to intuitively guide users, offering a help-driven GUI to manage multiple active loans, as well as easy administration for no-code user customizations.
  • Microsoft partnership that ensures enhanced plug-in technologies – and easy-to-manage data ingestion and exporting (works with any origination models or sizers).
  • A secure, contemporary, service-based architecture openly designed for integration into the client’s other supporting tools and systems. i.e., Financial, CRM’s, servicing, archival, Data Lakes, and reporting tools.
  • An external portal to easily manage all your clients and partners from one location.
  • Pre-defined and customizable text blocks with auto-filled variables make narrative composition lightning-fast.
  • Automatically created HUD, Agency, Life Co., and On-Balance Sheet document submission packages cut origination and underwriting times to a fraction of what most companies have grown accustomed to.

“I’m extremely excited about the new platform and the improved user experience and value it brings to our customers and the industry,” said Mark Costa, Chief Revenue Officer. “The industry has been looking for a company with the vision and ability to deliver an end-to-end solution to manage multiple CRE Loan types. We set out over two years ago to create a scalable solution that re-engineers the cumbersome commercial loan origination process, making it easy to use, client configurable, Excel and Microsoft friendly, and data compliant – we delivered on that vision.”


About LendingStandard

Founded in Kansas City, Kansas in 2015, LendingStandard is a technology-driven SaaS Marketplace company that provides solutions to Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lenders. The industry’s first comprehensive, cloud-based CRE origination platform that provides our clients with a single solution to manage origination and underwriting across ALL loan products – saving time and reducing errors.