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September 16, 2021

Contact: Mark Costa

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Kansas City, Kansas — LendingStandard, the all-in-one lending platform for the origination, underwriting and processing of complex, multifamily financings, has unveiled the next generation of its intuitive interface.

With this new release, LendingStandard clients will be able to access a full suite of enhanced features across the entire loan cycle. This includes upgrades and additional tools for customer acquisition, pricing and quoting, borrower portal and document management, underwriting, loan packaging and submissions, as well as closing.

“Our new originations overlay goes beyond automating the technical steps required of origination — it creates an engaging experience for a borrower that motivates them to move a deal forward and to return for future business,” said LendingStandard’s VP of Product, Ben Truitt. “You can create custom documents and Excel tools on the fly using our self-mapping tools. Additionally, content from documents, as well as the entire document itself, can be saved for future use using our content dictionary feature. Now your favorite boilerplate paragraphs can be imported directly into your narratives with the click of a button.”

But that’s not all. This latest iteration of LendingStandard features a user-friendly, modern and flexible UI to make it even easier to ingest data across systems and tools. Plus, with brand new integrations such as PDF & Office Plugins, clients now have the freedom to leverage multiple technologies at once, creating a truly best-of-breed solution.

Launched in 2015 by industry experts, LendingStandard is a software-based platform that’s simplifying the loan process, creating efficiency and scalability in multifamily lending operations. The company’s intuitive platform reduces costs and ensures regulatory compliance, making a complicated process standardized and transparent.

“I’m very excited about this new platform and the opportunity it provides to our existing FHA-HUD clients,” said Chief Revenue Officer Mark Costa. “The expanded API provides greater flexibility to integrate with other supporting systems, while delivering a modern and easy to use interface to our clients.”

About LendingStandard

Founded in Kansas City, Kansas in 2015, LendingStandard provides a scalable solution to the pain points in the multifamily loan application process. LendingStandard’s intuitive platform reduces costs and ensures regulatory compliance by optimizing commercial loan origination—ultimately reducing errors, improving efficiencies, and keeping projects on track. Learn more at