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July 14, 2021

Contact: Mark Costa

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Kansas City, Kansas – An innovative startup has bolstered its offering to provide watershed transparency for two key markets within the multifamily lending space.

LendingStandard, the automated multifamily lending platform for the origination, underwriting and processing of complex multifamily financings, has launched its Agency – for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – and Balance Sheet – for banks, credit unions and life insurance companies – solutions to the marketplace. This key product expansion will allow LendingStandard’s clients to streamline their processes like never before within one centralized platform.

“Borrowers and lenders demand better,” said Andy Kallenbach, CEO of LendingStandard.  “Our expanded multifamily platform is bringing borrowers, lenders, originators and underwriters together in real-time, in a way that’s been impossible with Excel sheets, emails and phone calls. With this new strength in balance sheet, agency and bridge loan products, we provide a single comprehensive solution for any multifamily professional.”

Launched in 2015 by industry experts, LendingStandard is a software-based platform that’s simplifying the loan process, creating efficiency and scalability in multifamily lending operations. The company’s intuitive platform reduces costs and ensures regulatory compliance, making a complicated process standardized and transparent.

Clients and the industry have long needed a single software solution to provide an end-to-end, transparent view of multifamily loans across various loan products. In response, LendingStandard has launched Agency and Balance Sheet solutions to manage loans across multiple segments.

“We’re excited about our launch of the expanded Multifamily Lending Platform and the value and benefits it brings to our current and future customers,” said LendingStandard’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Costa. “We’re committed to our valued clients and continue to develop solutions that support their operational challenges and market-driven requirements.  Our ability to deliver a contemporary FHA, Agency, and Balance sheet origination and underwriting solution on one platform differentiates us in the market.”

 About LendingStandard

Founded in Kansas City, Kansas in 2015, LendingStandard provides a scalable solution to the pain points in the multifamily loan application process. LendingStandard’s intuitive platform reduces costs and ensures regulatory compliance by optimizing commercial loan origination—ultimately reducing errors, improving efficiencies and keeping projects on track. Learn more at